Dünya Kupası bahisleri 2014

Dünya Kupası bahisleri ve Kosta Rikanın zaferi ve dünya şampiyonu olduğumuza dair üç harika Dünya Kupası bahsi ile bahisçilerde kazanç sağlayan Dünya Kupası bahisleri ve tahminler, tüm büyük bahisçiler Suarezin tekrar oynayacağına inanılıyor gibi görünüyor.

Kendisinin ve oyuncularından birini ısıracak.Bu bölümde Dünya Kupası ve futbolda Dünya Kupası elemeleri için tahminler yayınlanıyor. Tanınmış Ruslar tahminlerde bulundu. Futbol Dünya Kupası – tarihte yirminci olacak Turnuvayı kazanmak için Almanya – Arjantin () maçındaki bahisler ve oranlar (bahisçilerin oranlarına göre).

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  1. Neymar : Germany 7 – 1 brazil
    Messi : bayern 8 – 2 barce
    Germany 1 – 0 argentina
    Ronaldo : Germany 4 – 0 purtugal
    Son i beat germany : S.korea 2 – 0 Germany !!!

  2. 3-2 should have been the real score with Portugal winning and what in the world is Pepe is doing to Muller?

  3. I hope Pepe liked this match he was being a b- especially on muller hope he enjoyed that game

    1. But they are always the first to laugh at messi for losing against Germany

  4. Does anyone tell me what Pepe told Muller to make him so upset?

  5. Portugal is unlucky, Muller woke up mad that day

  6. First time I saw Ronaldo play….

    And hoped it would be the last time too😅😅😅

  7. Commentator is the witness in brutal murders of brazil and portugal

  8. 2014 was a bad tournament for Portugese-speaking countries in facing Germany

  9. I burst out laughing 😂 when Muller went on rage mode against Pepe in slow motion i.e Pepe messed with the wrong guy

    1. Pepe was seriously scared, he can only bully the small guys, thought the German guy was there to be bullied.

    2. You see how quickly Pepe started backing up once Mueller got up. That’s German for “you got the wrong one.” 🤣

  10. Pepe getting a red card and Thomas hammering another two in is one of my favourite football karma moments ever.

  11. Portugal are on of the favourites to win the 2022 World Cup coz they have CR7,Bruno,Felix,Jota

  12. This is the Germany we should have seen against Mexico and South Korea, but no they didn’t have Mario gotze, Andre schurrle. I feel bad for Portugal they lost 4-0

  13. Only Argentine gave them a serious nightmare. Wow. That argentine was something else. The only thing was missing The cups

  14. Messi and Ronaldo are broken From Germany 😯😯😯😯💪💪💪💪💪💪💪so hard this team

  15. I need a time machine to go 2014 for celebrate moment like a King.
    Love Germany

  16. Argentina 😂 great fighting country, Ha Ha , shortest war ever..

  17. Worldcup 2014
    4-0 to Portugal
    7-1 to Brazil
    2018 Germany got nerfed

  18. And CR7 thought he could destroy Germany after he beat Bayern Munich a months ago in UCL.

  19. Are we just going to ignore that they spelt Mullers name wrong?

  20. Pepe numbers: 3
    Goals of müller: 3
    The matches Portugal played: 3
    Haircuts of Cristiano on the world cup: 3

  21. Muller should be have the red card for doing quarrel with Pepe

    1. come on man, muller is already in hollywood, look at his club, Bayern Munchen

  22. The pain germany has put on portuguese speaking countries…


  24. To loose 1 world cup and 2 major finals straight, you need to play 3 finals straight—- Messi fanboy(on Ronaldo the cheerleader)

  25. that german team was something else neuer-lahm-boateng-kroos, schweinsteiger,ozil, muller, klose simply amazing

  26. Ronaldo cant perform among The strongest international team… ..Strong means not by the name but by the game…

  27. How many goals did Germany score in this world cup? I think it would be the most number of goals by a team in a fifa world cup.

    1. They scored 18 goals in 7 matches, but the record are 27 goals in 5 matches from Uruguay in 1954

  28. Stooopid Pepe, ref didnt buy Mullers exaggeration but Pepe sends himself off.

  29. Didnt anyone notice that one of the Portuguese players started walking even before Muller took the penalty??? 0:21 watch carefully

  30. 🇩🇪 4-0 🇦🇷 2010
    🇩🇪 4-0 🇵🇹 2014
    Messi and Ronaldo both got destroyed against Germany lol

    1. ඝඋඡෘණඵඪඵෘ ළඋඛඛඋණෘ්‍යෘඍළ Korea 0 world cups, Germany 4 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. @galác tico korea 0 world cups 😂🤣
      Germany 4 world cups 😎😜

  31. at least 2 years laters this quad lift the euro thropy 😉

  32. Penaldo is not very much visible. Hiding perhaps…..😂

  33. Germany beat messi and Ronaldo in the same tournament

  34. I am Dont penaldo fans i am Argentina fans now Germany

  35. Germany was exceptionally strong in this WC against teams that spoke Portuguese 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. This was one of the best national team ever in history below 2002 Brazilian team🔥

  37. their is 2 kind of wc . first one is world cup . second one is toilet . portugal was on the second one

  38. if lewandowski is german that will be 10-0

  39. 1:08 disgustung german, pulls first, then hand accidentaly touches him and he acts baaah

    1. Or like this . Gets punched in the face , then headbumped in the ground . Get some eyes

    1. Messi also loses 4-0 against Germany in 2010 world cup quarter final

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